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The Ultimate Guide to Speeding up your Magento Site

Combine and Minify JS and CSS

In this section, we're going to show you how to combine and minify your Javascript (JS) and Style Sheets (CSS) files. This procedure can improve the load time of your website, by combining JS and CSS into fewer files and compressing them. What does this mean for users? They need to download less data when loading your Magento store, and make fewer connections to your webserver, resulting in a more responsive and faster browsing experience.

Step 1: Navigate to the Developer menu

Log into your Magento Admin Panel and navigate to System -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Developer.

Step 2: Check current CSS and JS settings

Under Javascript Settings and CSS Settings, Magento will tell you if it is currently combining these files.

Step 3: Enable CSS and JS combining

Under Javascript Settings and CSS Settings, set Merge JavaScript Files and Merge CSS Files to Yes.

Now let's save the changes.

Step 4: Review improvement

After enabling combining of JS and CSS, we can observe a reduction in CSS file requests from 3 to 2, and a reduction of Javascript file requests from 13 to 1.

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