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We super-charge your website, dramatically improving
load times and availability across the globe.
How does it work?
Accelerating your website is a simple, three step process.
Tell us your website domain
We will automatically pull your content from this domain.
We accelerate your website via our global network
Your content will be delivered via our patent-pending multi CDN platform.
Ready for integration on your website
We give you an accelerated link to use throughout your site.
Our Site Acceleration plans include
100% Guaranteed Uptime
Multiple Active CDNs
Secure Shared SSL
66 active points of presence (PoPs)
Automatic Failover
Static and dynamic acceleration
The average user will leave if your site takes over 4 seconds to load.
How fast is your site now?

Turbo-charge your website with MetaCDN

How does MetaCDN Site Acceleration compare?
Monthly service price
Truly global network
Covering all major regions, including Asia and Australia
Small and large object delivery
One CDN to serve them all, optimized for both
Media transcoding
Prepare & optimise media for on-demand streaming
Multi-network failover
100% uptime via redundant global CDNs
Shared SSL
Secure delivery from edge nodes via HTTPS/SSL
Insight into where and how your content is delivered
On-Demand streaming
Adpatively stream your media content to users

Broadcast live video from $39/month

Broadcast your event around the world
and benefit from global coverage and fast download speeds.
How does it work?
Broadcast your live event globally
Configure your live stream
Give your stream a name and password, and select your stream quality.
We create your channel
Your stream will be accelerated across our global CDN platform.
Ready for broadcasting
Use the configuration details supplied in your favourite live capture program and start streaming!
Our Live Streaming plans feature
Ad free service
Add your own branding
Multi-channel broadcasting
Local publish points
Embed on any website
Stream to mobile devices
How does MetaCDN Live Streaming compare?
Monthly service price
Ad free
Free from ads displayed before, during or after live streams
Allow full white-label solution
Allow simultaneous events to be broadcast
Local publish points
Regional publish points allow faster, higher quality broadcasts
In-line Facebook playback
Embed live video on Facebook page or stream
Embed on any website
Embed live video on any website you like
HLS streaming
Stream to iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and select Android devices

We work with all kinds of organisations

From small business to
big enterprises
MetaCDN works with individuals and companies across the world to help them reach a global Internet audience. E-commerce vendors, digital ad agencies, universities, governments, online (PPC) advertisers, video portals, crowd-sourced marketplaces and many more all depend on MetaCDN to keep their businesses online and running smoothly.
Education, Media, Arts &
Culture and more
Content creators appreciate our end-to-to end media management and delivery capabilities. You don't need to be a rocket scientist or a web guru to use our system - just upload your content to us and we will do the rest. Your technical staff will not be disappointed either, with sophisticated content delivery controls and advanced reporting available to them.
Frequently asked questions about us
How can MetaCDN help my business?
A fast loading website can keep your customers engaged and on your site for longer, leading to more page impressions, sales opportunities and greater impact of your message.
Customers overseas say our website is slow. How can I speed it up?
Accelerating your website with MetaCDN will give you over 60 Points of Presence worldwide, ensuring fast and reliable content delivery to anywhere in the world and a consistent experience for all of your customers.
Is MetaCDN easy to integrate with my website?
We provide a range of drop-in integrations for most major CMS platforms, as well as web servers and shopping cart (e-commerce) platforms. We also have an API that gives you full control, allowing deep integration into your web workflow.
How do I keep track of my usage?
MetaCDN keeps you on top of your usage at all times - giving you up-to-date reporting on your content, web sites and entire account. We also show you where, when and how your content is being accessed, allowing you to adjust your content and its distribution accordingly.
We leverage the following services to bring you reliable and affordable
content distribution in any location.
  • Edgecast CDN
  • NetDNA
  • Amazon Technology Partner - S3 and CloudFront
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Windows Azure
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