What is a Multi CDN?

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Traditional Web Hosting

Traditionally most websites serve everything from one central server, as demonstrated in the image above.

If the website's target visitors are only based in a small geographical region around the server, then this method might be all they need.

However, when targeting international users, and even visitors from the other side of the country, those users will start to encounter slower load times. This is due to the greater distance information has to travel from the server to international users computer.

In order to reduce load times, we have to reduce this distance. This is where CDNs or Content Delivery Networks come into play.

Standard Content Delivery Network

As seen in the image above, content delivery networks have servers in many locations across the globe. These servers host the content of websites e.g. images, videos, javascript etc. By hosting them in locations which are closer to the end user, it reduces the distance information has to travel, thus decreasing how long it takes to load a website.

Ideally you want to have as many PoPs (points of presence) around the globe as possible, to allow users to load the site as fast as possible. This is where multi CDNs come in as seen below.

Multi Content Delivery Network

The MetaCDN Multi CDN combines a range of existing CDN providers into one large global network. The MetaCDN technology dynamically optimizes and unifies leading cloud and network infrastructure providers across the globe to rapidly, securely and reliably accelerate web content to users wherever they are in the world.

By combining multiple CDN providers into one network, you get access to their aggregate power and reach, with the peace of mind of automatic failover to redundant networks in each region.

Multi CDN Features:

  • - CDNs are selected based on what will be fastest for the individual user. If there are multiple providers in one region, we will serve content from the fastest one.
  • - If a CDN providers network goes down, we will route traffic through another provider. This means we can guarantee a 100% service uptime.
  • - You get access to a huge amount of CDN locations, which wouldn’t have been possible with one provider.
  • - CDN data centres can handle many more requests than a single server. This helps to relieve the load on your main server.

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