Content Delivery Network Pricing

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Yearly (Save 20%)
per month after trial period
$5 monthly credit
equivalent to 50 GB /month
1 site accelerated
per month after trial period
$50 monthly credit
equivalent to 500GB /month
3 sites accelerated
per month after trial period
$110 monthly credit
equivalent to 1,100GB /month
6 sites accelerated

Contact us if you're interested in larger enterprise plans.

Instant Access
Start provisioning as soon as you activate your account. When a service is deployed, it is usually active within 15 minutes.
Total Active Points of Presence
Depending on your plan, our points of presence span across 5 continents to provide you with unparalleled global coverage.
Automatic Failover
If one of our CDN providers goes down, we switch you to an available provider automatically via DNS.
Unused Credits Rolled Over
Credits left over from the previous month's allocation are rolled over into the next month.
Push & Pull Capabilities
No server? No problem - push your files to a storage area we create for you. Use our Site Accelerator CDN pull zones to assist or front your web servers.
Simplified Control Panel
Our web portal allows you to easily manage all the advanced features of our CDN.
Performance Reports
Downloadable PDF reports give you a regular update on how your website is performing using a wide variety of metrics.
Advanced Website Acceleration
We take the stress off your website, delivering your content from our CDN. This allows you to speed up the load time of your site.
Individual & Batch File Upload
Our easy to use web portal allows individual and batch file uploads. This allows you to upload larger files on an ad-hoc basis to serve via our network. e.g. zip, exe etc.
Quick Purge
With the push of a button you can purge your entire site content across our CDN.
CDN Integration Support
We can help you help you integrate your Site Accelerator with your website.
100% Guaranteed Uptime
Automatic Failover ensures your site stays serving (excepting acts of god!).
API Usage
Use our REST API to provision services programmatically.
Multiple Active CDN Providers
We unify the CDN networks of EdgeCast, Fastly and Amazon. Why choose one when you can have them all?
Performance Based Routing
We continuously monitor our providers so your customers can be routed to the fastest CDN in their region. This delivers a faster and more consistent experience to your customers.
Secure Shared SSL
Use free shared SSL with our default accelerator domains.
Priority Support
We will endeavour to answer your support tickets as fast as possible. Get hands on support direct from the developers.
Custom SSL Certificate
Use a custom SSL option to match your website's requirements. See the pricing chart for more details.
SSL Pricing
Shared Domain SSL
SSL support for our default site accelerator address (*
Shared Certificate SSL
Your domain is added to our shared SAN certificate
Shared Wildcard SSL Domain
Your wildcard domain is added to our shared SAN certificate
Dedicated SSL Certificate
We install your certificate into our network
Initial setup fee
Free for Lite & Pro
Add/Change/Remove Certificate
Free for Lite & Pro
Monthly Fee
Free for Lite & Pro

Credits will be consumed at the following rates.

Data Transfer Out
Users downloading content from one of our global points of presence.
$0.10/GB NA/EU
$0.14/GB Rest of the World
Data Transfer In
MetaCDN uploads your content to servers around the world for free.
Data Requests
User requests for your data (GET).
$0.01 / 10,000
Data stored in MetaCDN cloud locations. This only applies to user uploaded content.
$0.12 / GB

Overages are also calculated at the above rates.

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Frequently asked questions
What if I go over my allocated credit?
We will notify you when you are close to reaching your limit each month, so there are never any surprises. If you do go over your credit limit, you will be billed at our fair rates. If you find yourself going over your limit regularly you can upgrade to a higher credit plan at any time.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
You can cancel your subscription at any time from the MetaCDN customer portal. Customers on month-to-month plans can continue to use their account until their monthly billing anniversary, after which their access will be terminated and all services will be removed. Customers on yearly plans can continue to use their account until their yearly billing anniversary.
Can you help me set up the service?
We have a range of guides which cover installation of our CDN for most of the popular CMS (WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal) and eCommerce (Magento, PrestaShop) platforms. If you're still having issues integrating MetaCDN then feel free to contact us, and we can get you up and running in no time.
Are there discounts available for annual plans?
Yes, we are currently offering 20% off when users select yearly, pre-paid invoicing. You can see our annual pricing plans by selecting the 'Yearly' button above the Plans.
What payment options do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Paypal.
What reporting do you provide?
We provide daily detailed usage and website performance reporting. The reports give you a regular update on who is viewing your website and how it is performing using a wide variety of metrics.
Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan at a later date?
Yes - you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time from the MetaCDN customer portal. Upgrades are applied immediately, and downgrades are applied on your monthly or yearly billing anniversary as appropriate.
I have more questions not answered here.
Great! We're always happy to answer any questions. Feel free to send any questions through our contact form located here.

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