MetaCDN Web Service API

MetaCDN offers a RESTful, JSON based Web Service interface,
giving you programmatic access to all aspects of the service.


The aim of this document is to describe the simple and concise HTTP-based RESTful Web Services for MetaCDN. We offer a RESTful, JSON based Web Service interface, allowing you to create and update a MetaCDN user, register your site for acceleration, register your content for distribution on our CDN, register your media (i.e. video) for encoding and delivery, and customise the branding of your media player.

The base URL of the HTTPS REST API service is

Available functions

Using the API, you can:

Using the API

The API is designed to be called programmatically from your own user-written code (e.g. Java, Python, Perl, etc.). For testing your interoperability with the MetaCDN API, we have found the following tools useful:


The majority of methods and end-points in the MetaCDN API require authentication. Depending on the end-point and method called, partner or user credentials (username and secret key) are required. Authentication is performed via HTTP Digest access authentication over a secure HTTPS (SSL/TLS) connection.

HTTP Response Codes and Errors

When using the MetaCDN Web Service API, the system returns an appropriate HTTP response code for every call you make. These can indicate a successful call:

These can also indicate a problem with your API call formatting or credentials: