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Magento CDN Integration. Speed up Magento. Avoid slow Magento performance with our Magento optimization guide.

Slow Magento websites cost sales. Speed up Magento now

Slow Magento got you and your customers down? You could be losing sales opportunities and not even realize it! Speed up your Magento-powered online store today with our Magento CDN. Our team is here to help with Magento optimization and Magento performance.

You can speed up Magento stores with the MetaCDN Site Accelerator. Enabling it is easy, simply make a small configuration change to your Magento Admin Panel. Our Magento optimization lets your customers benefit from faster page loads, promoting longer time on site and increased sales conversions.

Magento slow? Accelerate your online store with MetaCDN

Easy Magento CDN

Set up acceleration for your Magento website within minutes. Simply tell us your Magento website address (e.g. and we will give you a Magento optimized accelerated URL that you can use throughout your website to speed up Magento for your global customer base.

Drop-in automated integrations are available for Magento, allowing you to have Magento optimization in a matter of minutes, boosting your Magento speed and Magento performance. Simply setup the Magento plugin and say goodbye to slow magento. Read our Magento CDN integration guide.

Cloud CDN overlay

Global speed and unparalleled reliability

Magento slow? Boost your Magento performance with our patent-pending global Cloud CDN overlay, which reduces congestion and dramatically improves access speeds to your website for your customers, no matter where in the world they're located.

By leveraging the established base of all major cloud infrastructure providers we are able to route and re-route traffic around the world as required - resulting in a level of guaranteed up-time normally achievable only through premium content distribution networks. Experience the ultimate in Magento speed and Magento optimization today.

Quick facts
points of presence worldwide
means great Magento performance, and a consistent experience for your customers wherever they are.
90 sec
to switch to backup provider
means your website continues uninterrupted in the event of a CDN provider outage.
up-time, all the time
when accelerating your website using our Advanced Site Accelerator.